Arthur Bryant’s

by Amber Hayes on February 24, 2011

Asking a local for BBQ advice was the best move we made all day. He walked us through the menu at Arthur Bryant’s, telling us what we should order and how to disguise our novice ways. Not only did we get food advice from an expert, we seemed to have also made a new best friend. We chatted in line about barbeque and soon we were exchanging cell phone numbers and planning on meeting over at Gates once we finished our first course of BBQ. The local was adamant about knowing our verdict on the two Kansas City legends.

After taking to heart all of the local advice from customers in line, Jim and I decided to abandon the traditional idea of ordering ribs and to try the pulled pork open face sandwich. The sandwich comes with two large pieces of white bread, completely covered by tender pork that has been slow cooked in Arthur Bryant’s traditional way. A mountain of fries was slung, literally, on the side and we were quickly shuffled through the line. Before sitting down we grabbed some of Arthur Bryant’s famous original BBQ sauce and plenty of napkins! Things were about to get messy!

Here’s the beef : (Or should I say, the pork?)
The white bread had soaked up the sauce, making it impossible to pick up…I love that! The messier, the better. We used our forks and dug in. The pork was incredibly tender and we could easily tell it had been slow cooked to perfection. Knowing that much pride is taken in how the meat is cooked, I can see why Arthur Bryant’s is so proud of their BBQ. I barely had to chew! The original sauce was unlike most BBQ sauce we have had. It was much thinner and grittier, but rich and spicy with a chili power taste. It went perfectly with the sandwich and was even amazing with the fries.

Our final verdict:

BBQ Bliss! We ate our whole sandwich in perfect fairy-tale happiness, losing sight for a second that we had another full meal to go. I highly doubted that this BBQ meal could be topped, but there was only one way to find out!

Travel Tips and Info:
Don’t go in unprepared. Check out the Arthur Bryant’s menu.
When in doubt, ask the locals!

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